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Oditexfashion is a unique African fashion online store showcasing Africa’s brightest design to the world. We offer fashion-conscious consumers beautifully handcrafted pieces from talented fashion designers and tailors based across Africa. We are inspired by the color, styles and taste of Africa and its cultures; we blend traditional techniques and materials with a contemporary design aesthetic. Oditexfashion is not just an online store; we are a community of fashion oriented that seek to support ethically manufactured products inspired by African prints and share them with the world.Oditexfashion’s aim is to provide elegant, unique, designs inspired by African fashion and made with African fabric by talented African designers/tailors. We are designers and treasure hunters of quality African fashion clothing and accessories. We represent African fashion identity for people that want to be unique and colorful with ethnic prints and accessories.

At Oditexfashion, we have the desire for clothing that reflects our African heritage and contemporary style and our mission is to share a piece of African fashion with the world. We wanted clothes and accessories that fused African textiles with western styles that we could incorporate into our everyday life. We also knew that we were not alone in this feeling and had to find a way to make it easier for others to access vibrant prints and pieces from our beautiful continent Africa.

Oditexfashion is an American-based online-store established in 2018. We are the best specialized online-store for selling of latest elegant, African ready-to-wear fabrics, shoes, African jewelry, gele/headtie/aso-oke and accessories. With the goal of being a global supplier of wholesale and retails of African inspired products, Oditexfashion fuses African colors and prints with western shapes. The prints represent the uniqueness of each design. We do not emphasize on designs alone, but also on fitting, our clothes are clean, elegant and well-tailored. If you have high taste for elegant, stylish African latest designs for both women, men, children/kid’s clothes, then your wardrobe won’t be complete without any of our fantastic designs.

Our Vision/Mission
Sharing a piece of Africa with you inspires us to share the fashion styles from Africa. Africa has always been a land with color and taste, whether it is its people, cultures, music, cuisine, art, or fashion. Oditexfashion has a vision for an international e-commerce platform that would take African fashion to global customers and create opportunities for African designers to excel.

Our mission is to provide high quality, handmade African clothing and accessories that showcase African fabrics, embroidery and beads with western styles. We are promoting and redefining African fashion with the view to empowering our artisans by contributing to the economy. This is the place for you to take a piece of Africa with you or to just share the secret with a loved one by buying them the perfect gift from Oditexfashion.

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